Friday, March 19, 2010


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THE OUR GANG "UPRISING" 12" WILL BE DROPPING VERY SOON....This is available for pre order right now. Don't miss out on Limited Blue Vinyl mailorder version of the LP.

$15ppd in the U$A
$18ppd to Canada
$22ppd to the rest of the world

Paypal can be sent to Charles at

Old fashioned cash and money orders can be sent to Nate/187 parker Ave/Maplewood NJ 07040

Check out the Interview we did with Lew and Hobi of our Gang below.

In the late 1980s, many New York Hardcore bands increasingly began to segregate themselves into less diverse musical styles, often increasing their popularity and marketability by focusing and
targeting their commercial appeal to a more specific audience with a more narrow taste, often at the expense of originality.

There were a small handful of bands who refused to pigeonhole themselves and sought to expand their horizons rather than narrow them. OUR GANG was one of the most original of these bands. Like such contemporaries as ABSOLUTION and BEYOND (both of whom which they shared spots on the classic “New Breed” tape compilation with), OUR GANG constantly stretched the boundaries of hardcore, all the while remaining true to its original spirit. In their few short years together, OUR GANG constantly evolved and grew, never remaining stagnant. But just as they had truly developed a highly original sound, beginning to stand out among their peers for their innovation, the band split up, with members going on to many other bands including CITIZENS ARREST and BORN AGAINST. Leaving only a handful of recordings behind, all of which received limited to nearly nonexistent distribution, OUR GANG became a cult favorite, their recordings become much sought-after favorites among New York Hardcore connoisseurs. Now, after two long decades, the demo's of this unique band are finally available.

1. In Anger (Rejected)
2. My Tomorrow
3. Get With It
4. Energy
5. Out Of Hand
6. Something To Say
7. Not Against You
8. Without A Home
9. A Part Of Me
10. A Time To Fight
11. Broken Roads
12. No Motive
13. Penguin Romp
14. Song A
15. Gone Through
16. Viewpoint


  1. will the lp also be available in distros/mailorders in europe/germany?


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