Wednesday, April 14, 2010

OUR GANG Pre orders and T Shirts

Just wanted to update everyone on the OUR GANG 12". We should be ready to ship by the last week of April, there were massive delays at the record plants due to "Record Store Day" vinyl being printed. If you have changed your address since your order, please let us know ASAP. Our email address is

Also wanted to let you know that the band has designed a few shirts. They are available in sizes S,M,L, XL, XXL, XXXL. The prices and designs are below are if you want to add this to your existing order, just paypal the amount to and specify your size.

1 Color- $10 US, $12 Canada, $14 world
1 Color Pullover Sweatshirt $20 US, $24 Canada, $28 World

2 Color (Red & white on black Shirt) -$12 US, $14 Canada, $16 world
2 Color Pullover Sweatshirt $22 US, $24 Canada, $30 World

flyer design shirt
Image Hosted by

demo cover shirt
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  1. what brand shirts are these printed on? And is a pullover a Hoody or a Crew Neck Sweater. Im not American, your jargon baffles me.

  2. is the pullove a poncho perhaps?
    or one of those mexican bandito dealios?

  3. Check out the OUR GANG facebook page.